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Lecture 11

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Victoria Wohl

Lecture 11MenWomen thEuripides Medea Feb 15 2012Male vs Female was central to greek thought because the men were everything in terms of culture and society politicians generals etcMedea is female and barbarian as well as a witch so its a good bridge into this form of alterityPlay stages a conflict bw Medea who is a female barbarian witch and her husband who is a Greek male and a herowould expect Euripides to support the male side because he is male and because the audience is probably mostly male at the City Dionysiao We dont know exactly who were present at the City Dionysiadont know if women were present because evidence that we don have is contradictory Aristophaness play Birds says one of the advantages of being a bird is that can fly home during City Dionysia if it gets boring can fly home and have sex with neighbours wife BUT in another play where there were Furies it was said they were so terrifying that the women in the audience spontaneously abortedo Well bred women were not supposed to be seen by men that they werent related too so its hard to believe that they would be at the City Dionysisa So if there were women in the audience they were probably foreigners concubines lowclass o Heroes were idolized and sometimes worshipped so it was another reason for Euripides too Grew up in a culture that respects men over women o Remember City Dionysia is a civic event citziens paid for the productiontheir tickets were subsidizedPresentation is much more nuanced o Foreign women is in some ways more rationalized and civilized than the Greek heroWill see the same polar logic that is displayed on the Eurymedon vase BUT between the gender Womenbad MengoodSome Greek tragedies depict strong rationalwomen who are almost equal to the men around them
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