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Victoria Wohl

April 4 , 2012 CLA232 The Scapegoat  One individual embodies all otherness in himself, and is thus banished from the community in order to have total unity and sameness with the community  This is to add into a dream of a world of complete equality o This is nothing but a dream, as in a complex society there is always difference  Ex. Slaves, gender, opinion  This falls into the consistent theme of the ‘other’ o Brings us back to Socrates for his gag death that was in response to awakening to polace to a new concept  Raises the question, that why the Athenians, the populations that was devoted to the other and the development of difference, exiled Socrates and later had him killed for being different Aristophanes Clouds o Puplished 423 BC o Comic take in the debate between conservative and new education format  Emphasis on rhetoric  Yet, not just a joke, at least for Socrates  Created a caricature of Socrates, who challenged the norms of society- comedy see’s it as its role to reinforce social norms  Essentially prosecuted Socrates and added to his trial and later execution  Aristophanes sets up his play as an education o Although he wants to make them laugh, he wants to populace to think about the education system and how we interpret it. o Almost acts as a rivalry to Socrates  Poet vs. Philosopher  Was not necessarily an enemy to Socrates- there was a social familiarity and rivalry between the two Clouds  Conflict between Generations (father and son) and education (old and new)  A social conflict as well, with the father being of lower middle class while the son is influenced by the aristocracy and the ‘thinkers’  Stepsiades – (the father) means ‘twister’  Pheidippides – (the son) means ‘stingy’ o Pheidippides dreams of riches and riding horses, leading to a class conflict and generational conflict as the boy wants to live like the rich, thus spending beyond his means  Phrontisterion- a ‘thinkery’ or thin
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