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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Sex is physis Gender is nomos. Simon De boir wrote “a women is not born a women, a woman becomes a woman” Which of these is predominant in defining us? In science, there are fewer women scientists. Some say, this is innate, that they don’t have a brain. Others say that is nomos (they are not encouraged in the undergrad, not enough role models, not conducive to raising family. This is the central theme in this play. Hesiod’s Works and Days. In Greece, they believe that men are innately superior than a woman. (parallel with Barbarian, they are not just different, but Greeks are superior.)  In both of his works the Theogony and the works and days, the birth/creation of Pandora is tied to Permeseus and the sacrifice trick.  Hesiod connects fire, sacrafise and women. (all these three elements are necessary) o It’s a shame we don’t need them, because otherwise we would be gods (these things keep us alive, but marks our separationg to the gods).  That’s tied to the trickery too. Our relationship with the gods is deceit and increasing distance.  Unlike the gods, we need to procreate to keep the human race alive. If we were immortal, we wouldn’t need women. o Instead of giving them credit for the fact that humans CAN procretate, the greeks blamed them for the fact that we HAVE to procreate.  Achilles for example makes it his mothers’ fault, she bore me to a short life and a long death.  Demeater, goddess of the grain lost her daughter Persepany, she becomes the nurse maid to a human child, and starts to grow so fond of him, and tries to make this child immortal by putting him in the fire. However, as she does it every night, the surrogate mother comes down and screams, as she doesn’t know that she is a goddess, and she grabs it and by doing so keeps him mortal.  The divine sphere, is a world with women, which is ambivalent. There is a lot of ambivalence in this femininity.  Genos gunaikon – the race of women. From Pandora is decended the female sex, (from her is decesnded the race of women), as if the the greek women and men were separate race. He talks about how different races thrive in different climates, women thrive in the summer, while men are weakened.  Why would Greeks want to imagine them as a separate race? o So you can criticize women without having it come back on men. And if they are a separate race, they can be denied  Kyrios had a guardian over them for their entire life, first it would be a girl’s father, than it would be her husband . Women always had to have a legal guardian.  Kleios (glory) about a man, which is courage and such, while a women’s greatest kleios is shutting up and being quiet (“not talked about”) o If its minor unchangeable biological differences, these are hard to identify, but by making women as different race, it could be much either to discriminate as such.  Natural procreation is the model of creationg In theology.  Pandora seems to be manufactured, an artistic product, not of natural birth. And women is also seen as such. A women is artificially made, not naturally born. o She has the shape of a maiden, but what is she. We couldnt really know her interior, we could only see her exterior.  Because women wear high heels, and make up. These make it a false representation.  So this is the opposite of Greeks. Good and noble in appearance. The same inside and out.  With Pandora, she is beautiful on the outside, but what is she on the inside?  Epimetheus – he takes in Pandora, but in reality has no idea what she is like inside. He says she is beautiful on the inside, but he has no idea what she is inside. Different types of wives  Horse wife, pig wife, monkey wife.  Pandora is part of a deceitful interaction between Parmetheus and Zeus. Women are always represented as deceitful. o She is always out to deceive. This belief that women were deceitful had great raminifications for a women’s every day life. Many Athenian men kept their women in the house. She was not meant to leave the house alone. And new where she was at all times. They always though she would leave the house, would get seduced by another men, and bare another men’s child. And then your property would go away to someone else’s blood line.  My wife may seem trustful, but she is part of Pandora, a different genos gu
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