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Victoria Wohl

th January 30 , 2012: Missed first 15 minutes of class TERMS: Barbaroi Genos Hellespont Ionians Xenia: host and guest interaction (very strong) (cyclops) “Zeus Xenios” Sardis Olbos: happiness/wealth Intertwined Persian Wars: Greeks out numbered, but culturally superior: gods love them, morally superior, pious. Barbarians: the other: effeminate, etc Herodotus: story of conflict & cultural contact (learning the differences of each group; then fighting over them)  Helocarnassis  Preserve the memory of the past (achievements of Greeks “Hellenes” and others) o What o What they reflect o How they became war-like  Origin of the difference between Europe and Asia o Stealing women o Persians, Phoenicians, Greeks (Medea, Europa, Helen “Trojan War”) st  Beginning with the Trojan war (1 major) sets precident for his story  A paradigm for culture  Compares himself with homer (iliad and odyssey)  It’s honorable to defend a woman  Therefore the story is about honour.  The honour of defending “rights”  Idea of marriage changes things; marriage is the anti-type to rape o Merging of cultures  Woman-snatching o Negative o Possibly skewed because of adultery  Herodotus: Father of History and the Father of Lies (Fables & Myths)  No clear dividing line between personal and geopolitical culture  Tells the story of culture via personal interactions  Difficult read “he said, she said” due to split between personal opinion and group opinion o Neutral amount of info between G, P & P  + delphians, Spartans, Athenians, etc etc (subgroups)  Begins with woman snatching but he rejects the idea that it is the REAL origin  *** What he thinks: CROESUS & SOLON (a greek)  Croesus:  King of Lydia (C) first foreigner to come into contact (+) and conflict (-)  He lived 2 generations before the (590’s) before the Persian wars  He’s not even a Persian, he’s just eastern  He’s kind of like a Greek, he was a victim of Persian aggression  Solon  Drives the Persian wars through interaction with Croesus  Herodotus of course needs to embellish knowledge of the meeting and lies  He comes to Sardis, Lydia (where Croesus is king)  Points of significance: Solon is:  ATHENIAN: Solon is kind of Athens’ Founding father (like George Washington)  LAW: He is a LAWMAKER  Greeks are lawful at the highest (ruled by no king but law)  Solon represent the metaphor of law  He knew the Athenians would try to change the laws  Made a rule that they couldn’t change them for 10 years  Left town  Wandered around being wise  Croesus & Solon Interaction 
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