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Victoria Wohl

Hesiod – Works and Days & Theogony  role models for women: Athena  woman blamed for mortality of her children  thusis becomes nomos Pandora – the first of what Hesiod calls the race of women (genos gunaikon)  from her is descended the race of women, as if men and women are totally different beings  summer: women thrive and men fail  compared to Christianity where Eve comes from Adam’s rib  part of him, not a separate race  separate race allows criticism of women without it falling back on men  women separate race from men entirely  emphasizes barrier between the two  implications of racializations of genders – persecution of genders (sexism) o denied them things (inferior) o roles and rules  justifies not earning the same money o also: political discriminations o can legitimately be denied rights  women left out of demokratia  women had kyrios (lord, guardian, master)  first was father, then husband, then brother if husband died/left  always had to have a guardian  ideological: having no kleos was best  distinctions difficult to justify if women same race as men Pandora and Her Creation  made not born  molded maiden  works and days: all gods contribute to making her  Hermes gives her “bitch’s mind and knavish nature”  women manufactured and not born at all  the likeness/clay of a modest maiden  theme of disguising their true nature with makeup and fancy clothes  false representation  compared to nudity of men (take what you see) *remember Prometheus’ sacrifice trick  can never judge woman’s character by looking at her Epimethus – Prometheus’ brother  Zeus gives Hermes Pandora to give her to Epimetheus  Pro = forethought Epi = after-thought  EPimetheus takes Panora without remembering Prometheus warne him not to  every man marrying who’s marrying a woman is in the same position  no way of knowing her true nature  women always associated with deceit – women naturally deceptive  he who believes a woman believes a cheater – always lying  had very serious consequences for the real women of Athens (kept them locked up)  he worried she would have bastards and pretend they were his  how women always snuck out to cheat – nurs
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