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Xenophon – Oeconomicus  men primarily outside (war, farming, etc.) – Xenophon suspicious of craftsmen (being inside all day makes a man’s body feminine)  women primarily inside (women’s quarters)  farming and military servie mae you a good man Greek House  centered around the courtyard –andreion: man’s room (most public)  gunaikon: activities (weaving, baking bread)  ideal woman was not seen/known by other men she wasn’t related to  exception: religion (festivals) – anxiety about women leaving the home  division only for upper classes – lower classes needed women to help out --> poor women had to work in the marketplace  women with pale skin were virtuous because they never spend time in the sun (always inside) – gender division of oikos (family/household) Oikos  multiple generations/slaves/farmlands  men married at 35 because they wanted to do military, inherit land and establish themselves  girls married 14-18 (after puberty) to maximize reproduction years because large problem of infant mortality  men needed heirs and wanted virgins  reinforced male dominance – young wife as a blank slate  task to tame girl before marriage (before marriage  women crazy and wild and adventurous)  animal rather than wife = husband’s fault for not taming her  Xenophon blames bad wives on men Oeconomicus/Oikonomikos  nomos (customs/culture/nurture) of oikos (house) – turns practical study of home economics into philosophy  Socrates (philosopher) encountering Critobulus (known kaloskagathos)  “Only thing I know is that I know nothing”  proves experts wrong  gives example of true kaloskagathos (Ischomachus)  home economics an ethical issue too  good/bad man saves/spends  way you spend money says what person you are  house orderly  you internally are orderly marital relations  quality of wife reflects your virtue as a man  effects political career  control wife then you control your life  woman reflects state of household: helps make man kaloskagathos Ischomachus 1. wife makes sure everything is where it should be 2. responsible for commanding slaves (mid-management) 3. spins wool 4. praises slaves and
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