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Victoria Wohl

feb.28, 2011 cla male and female... differenceb etween them is deeply rooted in our society. (ex. boygirl). so natural... apart of everyday lives and experiences, way we think of ourself, its are to lok at it critically. anazly it in our culture. everybodys customer is king. greeks thought theirs was the best. we have to analzye our own and try to see them from herodotus perspective. we we talk about feminity, we are talking about masculinity- mutually defining. distinctive between Sex and Gender. sex- in context of male and female, anatomoical differences. reproductive organs, secondary sexual description... we use same ord for reproduction. greek word for this concept is PHYSIS- sex...a natural thing. is it important than democratics and repblicans? francophones, anglophones? male and femal are very close... only by single chromosome but these differences are important in our society. bioogical differences are relatively not important in social formation. but what the significant society raises. ex. race--- big deal but certain soceity gave significanece between white skin and dark skin. if you had dark skin, you were slave. soceity takes thes rather minor physiologicalanatomoical differences and invest in significant difference. because women have uterus, society adds on all these oother chcaracterisitcs. women stay home-- shouldnt be in the business place.. women are weaker. following that soceity invest in these anatomical differences. what is important is not somuch the physiclogy but social interpretation... that is what we are talking about in gender. all the social facts surroundign male and female. this is gender. all the social siginificance, soles, atributes, . what is gender? NOMOS. cultural significance attached to social convention as sex defines you. one becomes a women... not enought o born in a society but set of sexual characterisitcs.... associates with feminity and masculinity. ideal womenmen. characterisitcs becomes a women by taking on gender.. atttributes of your sex. argue about which is more important. nomos vs. physis. is this something hardwire? about their sex, something in their brain? or is it nomos? dont have role models, scienific careers... sex vs. gender defininig masculinity and femininity. looking at Greece notice that each soceity faced with differences decides which is signifiicnat and why they are significant. all these differences- soceity decides what is important and how they are explained by the phsyilogical differences. we are mostly goign to talk about gender. becus sex... anatomoical isnt interesting but how they greeks explained the difference. we are not goign to totally ignore physis. because we are going to see culture justify gender by rooting sex. their imagination of nature and cultural interpretation... and also physis is justify nomos. we seen same msg in medical text. physis is always in the service of nomos which is disguised as phyusis. significance is heirarchy. sexual difference --> gender hierarchy where one set of geneder is better than the other. recalling the theogony... everything is created except man. human exisitence is define by contrast by the gods but also define in contrast to women. everything is bron through natural theogony. he always exisisted. women by contrast is created. artificial created by gods. in both theogonoy and works and days.. pandora is introduced by prometheus. affliction mankind.. ultimate punishment -women. they are an affliction and punishment. why are they tied to sacrificefirewomen... how are they all common?
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