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Plato's Apology

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Victoria Wohl

04.04.11 Platos Apology - Alterity within society ~ if not solved, can lead to fracturing of society (e.g., Athens, 2 oligarchic th coups at the end of 5 c.) - Scapegoat ~ instilling bad fortune on one individual or animal and exiling or sacrificing them to get rid of the evil o Girard postulates that the scapegoat ritual exist to resolve differences and create unity in the society that remains o Banish those who embody the difference (the Other) to create a homogenous society o E.g., Jews and Nazis; Oedipus - Athens form of scapegoat ritual = Ostracism o Political procedure; voted on to be initiated for the year o If voted to be held, members vote on who to exile for 10 years (usually a prominent person politician) o To eliminate threat of civil war or tyranny prevent one person from amassing great power through banishment - Politics is a competition all or nothing - Scapegoat is seen in Comedies o Comedy = Subtle scapegoating ~ taking an individual who is different, laughing at him, making him removed from the rest to restore the norm (put him on the spotlight to create
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