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Ps-Xenophon: Constitution of the Athenians

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA232 March 2111 Solon (continued from last class) - lived approx. 640-560 BCE - laid groundwork for Athenian democracy, but also responsible for its weaknesses (his economic reforms reinforced economic inequality) - few people actually owned land, he mitigated this problem by prohibiting a man from selling himself into slavery, no matter how poor he was - banned conspicuous consumption (flaunting your wealth in public) eg. funerals, huge dowries, no baskets more than 18 high. This reduced the Poors resentment of the Rich - Although all Athenians were supposedly autochthonous, some were more noble, everyone was elite by thysis but some were more elite by birth or economically - Tension grew between equality and genealogy - People with more wealth had more opportunities - Power came from ability to talk in front of assembly - If the wealthy became disenfranchised = revolt - Political inequality was impossible without economic equality - Not everyone was happy with Solons seisachtheia (the rich lost money and the poor think they didnt lose enough) Lecture - Aristophanes Assembly women- there was communism of wealth, politics and women. If a man wanted to sleep
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