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Victoria Wohl

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A kaloskagathos spends his time outdoors, living a virtuous and vigorous life. He could not spend all his time outdoors, however, were his wife not just taking care of the household. Thing thing that enables the man to do kaloskagathos activities is that he has a woman in his house, managing things. 9.5: Womens quarters should be separated from the mens quarters, even the women slaves separated from male slaves. The proper, upright, noble woman stayed in the womens quarters of the house. Lysias the lawer says, of his evil vicious opponent: he even broke into my house, where he saw my sister and my nieces, who had never been seen by a man before. They would go out for religious festivals; it was their chance to be out and in public, but the thought was they would see men and cheat on their husbands. When a man seduces your wife, he is a kyrios, and youre allowed to kill him. The rules about women, though, only applied to respectable, upper class women. Lower class women needed to work, prostitutes had no respectability, etc. This is the ideal; but we dont even know how much this ideal was respected. The ideal goes back to the themes of the Pandora myth, institutionalizing Hesiods
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