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Medical Writers Lecture Notes

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Victoria Wohl

March 7 Hippocrates, Aristotle, Galen - Medical texts (like Herodotus Histories) try to explain natural phenomena but theyre really always based on underlying assumptions and prejudices - Here, the descriptions of the sexes are supposed to be based on sex, not gender, but gender is always creeping in - Writers try to find a physis that proves and justifies nomos th - Hippocrates, 5 c. BCE - Aristotle, 4 c. BCE - Galen, 2 c. CE (under the Roman Empire) - despite 700 year range, remarkably consistent opinions - doctors were all male, though there were female midwives - beginnings of medical science, competing with magiccharlatanism ability to explain womans body would give the field legitimacy - for all of them, womens health = reproductive health Eg. hysteria is associated with the womb, not brain - general idea of the male body as normal, female body as abnormaldefective Female body needs explanation, is a scientific problem to be solved Female body is always out of whack in some way, pathological - idea of female passivity Female semen is passive and needs mans t
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