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Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Lecture 4 15:34 Talking about a play Odyssey Plays: Characters could do things that normally patriotic citizens would never do The point of being a citizen in Athens is about being part of a democracy But for citizens going to the theatre they could imagine what it was like to act as an individual Lets say doing something really really awful would be the best thing you could do for everybody else So the play where the guys abandoned on an island with a broken leg.. What if disobeying the laws of the city will please the gods So people can imagine themselves making these kinds of decisions that were basically impossible otherwise So theres a big element of the individual vs. the collective Zeus plays a big role as a maintainer of order.. BUT when talking about tragedy what god is important? Dionysus He is the god of madness and wine.. these are connected.. you get drunk you act madly Maenads crazy psycho women God of theatre Interesting that the theatre is where the opposite of Athenian action takes place.. while the god of theatre is kind of the opposite of a good Athenian he drinks wine and gets drunk; his followers act nutty etc. Apollo: Associated with music he plays the llire, a very formal and structured instrument God of archery poison arrows he shoots down on motherfuckers Associated with the sun; twin sister with the moon God of healing, of medicine putting things back in order Back to the idea of prophecy.. Delphi is where you go to get an oracle from the pithaea What you would do is make a sacrifice.. then a priest would go into the back, talk to the pithaea, who would breathe in some gases and trip balls So the Delphic oracle.. though there is no proof she went wrong.. obviously there was error.. she was fucked up on hallucinogenics so her words were mixed and hard to understand.. could have been VERY easy to misinterpret Another way things could go wrong is if you hear what happens correctly and then try to prevent it i.e. Oedipus leaving the city so he wont kill his father and bang his mom.. this obvi comes back to bite him in the ass
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