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CLA233 Lecture 1 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael J.Dewar

CLA233 Lecture 1 Notes Cato - name of Roman family - Cato the elder – famous for hating anything foreign, especially Greeks - virtue of the Romans - younger Cato – led the troops that faced Julius Caesar – when it became clear that the battle was futile – loss was imminent – killed himself Seneca - apart from Nero, is the richest man - “killed by Nero” – ordered to kill himself - adapt Greek philosophy to fit Roman traditions - wrote on how to be noble - assumption – can only be understood by freeborn citizens of Rome – according to Seneca it is not the case – any man can achieve the philosophy - true Roman – courage - anyone can achieve the dignity of a Roman - Germans captured in war – sold into slavery – gladiators - morning exercise – gladiators fight wild animals - the way the German died was very brave – a man who deserved to die like a Roman, with a sword in his hands – view of Seneca - if you cannot die with a sword like Cato, then better to die even the foulest, most disgusting death than live in humiliation - German – suffocated himself with a
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