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Lecture 16

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 16(?) Terms: - Imperator (commander) - Princeps senatus (first head of senate) - Tribunicia potestas (power of tribune) - Imperium proconsulae maius (greater than usual authority of a proconsul) - Roman emperor wasn’t head of state, the heads of state were the consuls - Reducing power of emperor, rome starts as monarchy but then just becomes figurehead type (like England) - Consuls remain heads of state, elected per year. Emperor in practice recommends people for consulate, emperor is just a super magistrate - Emperor comes from imperator (guy who gives orders, general in chief) - Princeps senatus was a purely honorary title (oldest senator). Ceaser was a name after augustus - Princeps is title of honor, it means that the senate honors the emperor - What you called the emperor was a standing of your dignitas, princeps as senator, . where you called him what gave iinfo about yor own status. Emperor is constantly reminded of the legal and social extents of his power, he must have support of senate and asristocrats and military - Romans granted emperor the tribunia potestas, they like to believe they are remaining true to the ancstors. Tribune was ancient roman magistrate system, individuals act as leadrs of common people against aristocracy. If the tribune didn’t like a law he could veto it (veto means I forbid) - Emperors power is constitutionally limited but enormous, we think of them as aritocrats or tyrants but int heir system he was supposed to protect the people from the aristocrats. There was tension in the position - Claudius consciously identifies himself as someone who enjoys the pleasures of the commonfolk, vulgar to aristocrats but he didn’t care. In law he is the super magistrate with clearly defined limite
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