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Lecture 19

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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 19?, march 26 th - Roman relationship with greeks, greek culture was the international standard at that point. In Egypt the greek dynasty (Ptolemaic) was powerful, huge advances made in the sciences iin greek culture. You could get by knowing no language but greek, but if you started with latin and wanted to be politican you should know greek. Quntillian(?) said speak to your children in latin because they will learn greek anyways (From slaves) - Napoli was actually neopolis (new city in greek), lot of greek colonization before the romans came so assimilation was required - Rome was built in a place where ships could land safely (island would break speed of river so no crashing), it was situated very nicely in the middle of the salt trade. - Some greek gods have clear equivalents. Two gods had no equivalent (Apollo and Hercules). In the river port there was always a greek community that worshipped Hercules. - Catos advice to his son, ironic because he was not originally a latin (was a sabine) and he was berating a foreign culture. o Passage was frank after 2 centureis, recorded because it was i
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