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Lecture 20

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 20(?), march 28 , ideological resistance - Christians were on fringes of society, but they are the last people to do as a minimum loyalty to the god emperor. They did not acknowledge the god emperor because it was against their beliefs (monotheism) but the romans did not mind jews because of their peculiar beliefs (some were in antiguity). Christains are heretic jews, they are religious fanatics and a political group plus they thought al the romans were living the devils life. There was no dignitas in being a Christian because they are all pagans and such. - Christiasns would offend romans by saying your gods don’t exist (or who are demons) and you will burn in hell forever. They would put up if they didn’t do political roughhousing. But they thought the Christians were politicans because they met at early hours and di their worship In private (unlike romans who had altars for sacrifice outside) and were plotting to overthrow the rom
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