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Lecture 4

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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 4, jan 17th Slaves and freedom: - Slaves was normal in acient society in Eurasia - Sometimes slaves would be slaves for only portion of lives (clear debt by working as slave) - Roman slavery is primarily different because of its scale o Rome was biggest city in world at that time o Romans were special in the fact that when a slave became free he became a roman citizen (full rights of citizen), took name of master, serve in army, could expect that his family could be indistigusihable from masters family o Former slaves exceeded amount of regular families, by ad 100 slaves or slave born were large majority - Language, most people spoke latin in beginning but later most people spoke greek (much labor came from east, which was greek) - When Christian church organized itself in city of rome it used greek as language of literature rather than latin - Slaves came from conquest as empire grew, don’t know precise number (no census, rough estimate) o When Julius ceaser invaded gaul its population was 10 million, of those 10 million 1 millionw ere dead and 1 milion were enslaved after his conquest - After a while rome stopped expanding, after ad 50 bulk of slave came from trade and commerce not conquest o Some came from slave children, criminal activity (highway robbery was very bad) o Many people volunteered to become slaves (slave whod id a good job would eventually be set free, families with more children than they could free could sell into swlavery for nice reasons) o Became slaves to become roman citizens after being set free - Romans were equal opportunity slavers, it was legal status not associated with any bias or prejudice - Gods had made other races so greeks could enslave them (according to Aristotle), astonishing to romans - Many slaves were uneducated unable to read and also were not able to be recorded (no tombstones) o Great households would have educated slaves in the city, secretary or book keeping or accountant o In farmmost slaves were unediucated and able to run farm equipment o Household in town they were meant to clean and cook, not educated either o Usually had to go through a slave to make appointment with people like emperor - No way to quantify experience of slave society with society that doesn’t record - If you were an educated slave you could be most likely set free early and would have enough money for a tombstone Handout: - Equestrian = right below senator - Slaves were considered farming equipment (put into three classes, articulatye inarticulate and mute) - Slaves were considered to be sellers of your products, get rid of liabilities that would probably be a hindrance in the deep winter (take up resources) “anything that is superfluous” - Masters could be really cruel o People liked to eat lampreys back in ancient rome
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