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Lecture 5

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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – jan 22, Work - Most people were poor, nobody was thinking of investment but rather live through winter - Rich are hoping for enough money so that they don’t look bad in senate - Roman society is intensely hierarchical, what people do with their small surplus is what they want to achieve in their competeitive society Animal Herders: - Olfer men would herd larger animals, smaller ones for younger boys, even girls would help tend the animals o Cattle require protection, chickens don’t - Animals who pasture far away from the farm require protection from armed bands of robbers, a cow is extremely valuable in a dirt poor community. Also would require protection from certain predators like wolves and bears (used to be lions) - No problem with exploiting child labor, as soon as they can eat they start working o Assumed that whole community is in production of farming, it is difficult back in the day witouth machinery or fertilizer The help - Rich people would keep slaves to do the agricultural work as well as higher people during certain times (like harvest) - Roman economy has room for sophisticated processes like slavery as well as free people, but the free people did not like being treated like slaves even though they were poor enough to rent themselves out - Back in the day you would need a porter to take your luggage on long distances (servant = someone who works temporarily for money, but can also quit) o Slaves could be beaten and forced to work, servant had rights o No slave could yell at his master or call him names, corax knows they need him more than he needs them, so he can be flippant Tradesman and Craftsmen - Megadorus (big gift, ironic for this passage) Complaining about the problems of being rich, particulary with a wife who buys too many things - More wagons full od wifes purchases rather than wagons of food in a farm - Several different tradesman for several different items (bridal veil looked like a flame, mallow dyes) - This took place in Athens, probably translated from greek to latin - Similar ideas in rome and Athens, must find tradesman in the city o Rome produces a lot fo our evidence, people in rural areras cant read and cant put inscriptions on tombstones -
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