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Lecture 6

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Michael J.Dewar

th Cla233 - lecture 6, jan 24 Pia (loyal, faithful, respectful of patria potestas), Pudica (chaste, never having sex with someone other than her husband), Lanifica (rule maker), Domiseda (home sitter, doesn’t go around) - Appear on lots of epitaphs A model elite wife and mother: - Roman tombs are by the road, somebody speaks the inscription and says stop to listen (respectful) - Always want to know who their parents were (as a roman), daughter Claudia means father is Claudius - Affection could arise from arranged marriages (usually arranged because of politics), o People however did not care about love more about harmony Loving couple former slaves: - She was pudica, only wife means that he didn’t need another one (only one who mattered), were probably slaves in the same house (good guess it’s a love match) A devoted husband: - Plinys letters usually are to other aristocrats so the correspondence is usually for politics(?) - Young man finds that his lover is cruel (in roman love poetry), very standard for poet to produce a poem where he stands outside a girls house while her door is locked - He probably wouldn’t do this in real life (rich man), but talks about himself in highly romantic tones, he is diminishing his own dignitas (likes to present himself as less stiff necked than his ancestors) - To diminish his longing for her he goes and does things that bring his dignitas up (lawyer, general were jobs for aritocrats) - Specially written for public reading An unhappy marriage: - Cicero’s former slave/secretary Tiro published all his letters when Cicero died, ment to be private so we got a better view int o private life - Responding to addendum - Cicero reassures his friend that atticus matters to him whatever the status of the marriage (political/social standing wont be threatened) - Refuses to act part of the lady of the house because she feels like a guest in her own husbands house (ladies would take other ladies in for lunch while hosting, this was a problem for atticus wife) - Even in patria potestas women had some leeway Who can you sleep with? - Being cuckholded and pretending the child is the someone else’s is wrong for a
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