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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 7 Religion: (terms, pax deorum and pontifex maximus) - Romans thought they had the most respect for the gods, so the gods realized that the romans were their favorite humans on earth (roman belief) - Make sure you get everything right in terms of risual, formalism Ritual, formalism, legalism: - Thin out the grove so that trees can grow more safely (clear deadwood) - Roman religion isn’t very spiritual (no deep moving relationship, more about bargains) - Grove must have a god in it (gods of nature come into play the most, in a farm). You may not know if the god is male or female, but you cannot offend it . make it clear what youre doing in the grove and then make sure god knows why. For harvest you would use a bigger animal. - By “instructions” he means that maybe someone is doing it for him (ex slave or son because of patria potestas) and he wants himself and everyone in his household (might not be in family) Many powers, many gods: - St Augustine is doing a review of roman religion, says that too many gods and no point for it. Some of the gods according to him are ridiculous (Cluacina goddess of sewers) - They don’t credit their domination to all these minor gods, even romans know that some of their gods are a little bit petty - There were catalgoues of gods in the senate by priests, to make sure they correctly offered sacrifices to each of them - Augustine says how can everyone believe this stuff, apparently they had three gods for each part of the door - As a Christian he is drawing the attention to roman polytheistic belief, no end of gods - Assumes that if you are rich enough ot own the book you have a door keeper (at that time), he says “everybody has a door slave” Community Devotion: - Certain bigger gods (Olympian) are imnvovled in the roman people as a whole. All the gods will collectively be assembled to bless all romans - Horace was given money to train a choir of boys and girls to sing this festival (given money by senate for reign of augustus) - Anchises and venus were the parents of Aneas, spiritual ancestor of orme (from anead) Private Devotion: - There would also be spiritual moments with just singular people - Tibullus talks about beuty of country side - Ceres s the goddess of agriculture, if she makes his crops grow he will use his beets to create a necklace in her honor - Priapus was god of gardens, would appear in wooden statue to protect your crop form theieves or birds. Reaping hook was what he used to to scare them away - Lares are gods of the larder, made sure food in larder stay edible. For household - Only ceres is more up there, the others were not so major - Comes form a family that used to be much richer but now poorer, cant sacrifice as much as his ancestors used to. Used to sacrifice cow but now sacrifice lamb. Used female creatures to instill some sort of essence in the land (fertile?). peasants were his tenants Asking for help: - Asked in mundane ways to help. Nodens was an avatar of mars, shared god between Britons and Romans. Curse tablets (write your curse and drop on temple floor - Thinks that senicianus stole his ring
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