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Lecture 10

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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 10 - Romans were very anal about baths compared ot others. People didn’t really kow about hygiene. Romans started building amazing bathhoiuses, they used ot be very dark until windows and more light (so you could see people naked) - Handout is a layout of the roman bathhouse of Pompeii, romans would clean themselves at the end of the day. Its considered recreation (end of work begginig of dinner). Steam bathing and exofilation of the body, most of the cleansing were done in steam rooms which woud make your pores exhume the dirt. Also the olive oil (remove dirt and dead skin) - There may be as many as 4 different rooms throughout the cleaning process (dpeneding on your sttaus?). there would rooms based on heat, then plunging room s(cold or hot, sometimes sea water) - Frigidarium, tepidarium, and caldarium are the rooms for varying temperatures of sauna - Palaestra is the exercise room (run, jump, play ball games). Romans had a obsession with perfume, after bath you would put on perfume. Roman bathouses survive in large numbers, there is a bathhouse in rome which could bathe 1600 people. Imperial bathouses were very luxurious (marble, statues). These bathouses also functioned in part as museums and art galleries. Bathhouses are associated with pleasure and rest, vast complexes for the arts (prostitutes were also there) The paradox of life: - Bathing can make you soft and feeble, baths are aso places where you can get food and drink. This doesn’t feel flattering as it is in the corpus inscriptonum latinarum , so it was taken from a grave stone. (this is what the person would be most remembered by? Unroman) Bathing and Dining: - Letter from cicero to atticus is very astonishing, Julius ceaser came to his house for dinner. It is interesting as he refused ot have visitors (emeperor usually has visitors). Took a walk on the shore for exercise. After rubbing himself with oil and perfume he came ot ciceros house for dinner, emetics (laxatives) so he could eat and drink whatever he wants. These things are all normal to cicero (do work in morning, as it gets dark you get into moment of recreation) - In beginning of 5 century there were 600 bathouses, 11 were the imperial bathhouses - Balnea means generous (smaller bath houses), could accommodate a couple of 100 people. Termae are the vast imperial bathhouses - Martial makes fun of selius bevause he is so cheap (doesn’t cook or buy his own dinner). Whenever he sees he has to dine at home he tries t
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