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Rob Mc Cutcheon

Roman Bodies Gender Sexuality and HealthRes Gestae of AugustusWas inscribed in bronze and put in front of his mausoleum Also inscribed in stone around the empireThree complies survive from the province of GalatiaIs based on the genre of ElogiaeOffers a firsthand view into Augustan ideology and construction of history Continued to corporate his power into traditionsStates that before becoming an emperor he continued to reject gaining powerEmphasis on the amount of money he gave as well as what he firstCalls himself the defender and liberator of the republic the senate the equestrian order and the whole people of Rome gave me the title of Father of my CountryBodies as Cultural ArtifactsThe human body is not simply a biological fact but one of the most important sites of culture as well as a producer of social and politcal hierarchiesThe body is a cultural site in primarily two ways o In regard to how bodies are clothed and decorated in a society o In regard to the individual component that individuals come to move and treat their bodies in line with certain societal expectationsThe Basis of Roman Class Hierarchy Three factors comprised social class in Rome o Ancestry plebeian vs Patrician o Economic status how much one was worth o Citizenship roman Latin foreigner Latin lesser form of roman citizenship Gender also strongly affected ones political rights as women had far fewer rights than men eg Could not vote or hold officeRoman Social ClassesSenatorialo All men who served in the senate and their families o Had to be worth more than 1 million sesterces o Banned from non agricultural business trade and public contractsEquestrian class knights o Based upon wealth 400K sesterces o Primarily involved in business from which senators were bannedCommoners plebs o All other freeborn people of roman citizenshipFreed people o Bound to former masters o Not eligible for political offices o Their children became full citizens Slaves o Without any political rights to their person o Completely subject to the power of their masterLatins
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