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University of Toronto St. George
Rob Mc Cutcheon

Roman Culture on the Frontiers of the EmpireHow Roman were the Frontiers of the EmpireWhat we have been discussing is the culture which we find at the centre of the a Roman world in Rome and Italy primarilyThese places were either always roman or due to their proximity to the heart of the empire became completely and thoroughly roman at a very early timeThe question then is how far did this culture spread out and how did it manifest in farflung areas of the EmpireOne often gets the impression that there is a firm line between roman and nonroman barbarianYet what we find the further we get away from Rome is a hybrid of identities between native and roman culturesThe Roman Empire spread past the Mediterranean into North Africa the Asian minor and north to Gaul Dacia and EnglandThere are bath complexes found in England and amphitheater as found in Syria There were also roman aqueducts found throughout the empire including as far west as Spain Empire Imperialism and ColonialismEmpire the geopolitical manifestation of relationships of control imposed by a state on the sovereignty of others Usually involves a metropolitan area as the centre of controlin this caseRome Conquered people are kept into this relationship through force and ideological meansImperialsm refers to all the processes ideologies and strategies by which an empire is both established and maintained Both emcompasses how empires come to be and how they are maintained The strategy is to use physical forces such as the army to ensure control over the regions Colonialism th
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