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Rob Mc Cutcheon

The Historical Beginnings of Roman SocietyCulture the distinctive ideas customs social behavior products or way of love of a particular nation society people or period Hence a society of groups characterized by such customs etc Two types of culture o Material cultuare physical objects places etco Nonmaterial culture ideas ideologies languages etcAll with social rules and instructions Society the state or conditions of living in company with other people the system of customs and organization adopted by a group of people for harmonious coexistence or mutual benefit Although societies are made up of different cultures they combine together to make together one super culture or society People who share the same cultural traits may not think of themselves as part of the same cultureMatters with tradition and what you practice Roman Cultures and SocietyWhen we study roman culture and society we look at a very narrow subset of the societyo Usually the culture of the rich political influential members of societyYet is somewhat difficult not to study this culture when we study roman society o The streetlight bias o Moreover this culture is often the ideal toward other groups in roman society strive Usually the eliteAt the same time we need to be cognizant that Rome is made up of many different cultures o Moreover overtime the very idea of Roman changed and evolved The Historical Origins of Roman Society Took approximately 1000 years before Rome began to rise to power Christianity does become the dominant religion until 4 CELocated in Latium o Latin speaking people but were a distinct minorityo Often went to war with each other o No written records for the earliest historyo Written records only begin around 200 BCEo The seven hills or Rome were occupied around 1000 BCEIron AgeVillanovanLatium Culture 1000 BCE750 BCECremation began to occur my often placed in urns and put into underground shaftso Urn fields o Hut urns became prominentPossibly shows the type of buildings they lived in Small bronze weapons tools and jewelry also found within themNeeded a lot of fuel to doshows social stratification Producing goods simply for burials Only hills were being occupied at this timeo Advantages good for trade easy to defend Orientalizing Period 750600 BCERomans significantly influenced by eastern culturesboth the Greeks and the Etruscans
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