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University of Toronto St. George
Rob Mc Cutcheon

House Home FamiliaThe Roman Familia The definition of family is not stable in this day and ageThe term family in English is from the roman term familiaWe call several individuals subject to the power of the one by nature or law a familia Utlpian Digests 5016195 o Includes anyone subject to the power ofthe paterfamilia patria potestas o A wife may or may not be subject to his powerWas the basic social and economic unit in roman society Patria PotestasHolds power of life and death over his familiaHead of the family could kill his children if they did something wrong rarely happenedLegitimate children could not get married make wills or own property without the permission of the paterfamiliaChildren were subject to the patria potestas until the parterfsmilias died or he chose to release them from his power by o Adopting them out to another family o Or by marrying his daughter into another family in a very certain waySlaves of the household also subject to the power of the parterfsmilia Many families had extend family members within their household Mortality was high in the roman world o Fathers were more likely to die in war and mothers in childbirth The importance of familiaThe familia would have been the primary unit of production consumption reproduction and socialization of Romans o Households consuming most of the perishable and non perishable goods o As a unit of production children would learn from their parents a trade Trades done either directly inside the house or in adjacent region Others would work outside the home for a wage Agriculture main form of production Daughters would learn domestic household choreso Reproductionwhich family one was born into usually determined how one livedIt was hard for one to move up the social scale if they did not come from a prominent familyo Socialization the family was often the only school that many children would ever knowSons and daughters would have learned a trade from their parents and would have been involved from an early age in the family business The familia not only provided economic role for children but provided expectations for affective ties and social behavioro Parents would teach their children how to form relationships and how to act etco roman state took little interest in public schooling o Upper class had private tutors o Another way to learn certain value and behaviors was mos Maiorum customs of the ancestors Family was the centre of the roman world
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