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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Intro & Livy

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Erik Gunderson

Who was a Roman citizenOriginally farmers shepherds and craftsmen on the banks of the Tiber y People who immigrated to the city y Members of colonies established in Italy and abroad y Members of foreign communities to whom citizenship was granted y After 212AD basically everyone in empire yWhat does Rome meanEarly a central Italian city with a special form of government a senatorial oligarchyyLater the seat of a military monarchy and a vast and expanding empire y Also y A military power with military interests y A colonial power y An economic power y500BCE around 200 000 Roman citizens 48CE 59 billion Roman citizens The Ages of Roman HistoryEarly from settlement to the foundation of the Republic second millennium BCE to 500BCEyThe Republican Period 500BCE30BCEyThe Age of Emperors 30BCE476CEy The Early Period SubdividedThe Iron Age 900700yThe Orientalizing ie Eastern Period 700500yThe Archaic Period 580480y The Republican PeriodEarly 500287 in 287 legislation passed by commoners becomes binding on the elites as well yTwo cities in one before thenClassical 287133 relatively stable and expansiveyRevolutionary 13330 a series of social and political crisesy LivyNot only story of early Rome Told and retold over centuries y One opinion among many eg Virgil Dionysius of Halicarnassus y Dionysius of Halicarnassus talks of Rome as a Greek city y Almost no solid evidence of early Roman history y Roman history tends to be told as a whole rather than specific periods comprehensive histories y Study of history in ancient times tends to be about us and them y Livy first Roman historian who was not a politician Previously history was told by those making the yhistoryStarted writing 29BCE around end of period of extreme crisis between the Republic and the Empire y Wrote 142 books up to Livys own present Divided into 5 or 10 book chunks y History of people and personalities y Doesnt do a lot of personal research rather relies on existing stories y Monumental history memorialisation of what we are y Fascinated by temperament motives speeches the psychology y How does he know what was being said though Speeches invented which his audience would have yknown
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