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Erik Gunderson

ndCLA233H1LectureFeb 2 2012 Guest Lecture Plautus PseudolusDrama tragedyRome paid to have performances at celebrations of God religious festivals240 BCBirth of literature in RomeFirst poets not from Rome brought into Rome to write GreekPlautus from Sarsona is a comedianTerrance is a slave belongs to generation lateris an outsider as Livy saysPlautus name developed out of theatrical traditionhave a meaning related to theatrical traditionPlautus seems to mean flatfoot reference to mime also a slang for penis droopy dick McClownCloudy biography surrounding his persona some say he was a slave others say he was an actor etcHe was a wildly successful play write130 plays attributed to his nameHis comedies are fast past funny and dirtyspecific genre is new comedyAuthor representing old comedy beforePlays are translated from Greek new comedythe scholarly issue with Roman Comedywere they slavish translators translating word for word Or were they creative in their translationsThere were originals both tragedies and comedies we have little of the originalsThe way the Romans began to participate in literature was by translating older Greek works into their own languageEarlier scholarly discourse on translations were that Romans lacked creativitycouldnt develop their own literatureOutgrowth of Greek literatureGreek literature begins with author Homereveryone looks to him he is the best as close as you might come to a bible like textliterary brillianceAll authors have to live in his presenceThe Romans define themselves as participants in a wider Mediterranean cultureThe Romans want to demonstrate a participation in this wider cultureThe middle republic in particular is marked by the Romans really trying to form their own rdidentity and match their identity to the puzzle of helanistic culture in 3 century BCImporting huge amounts of Greek sculptures and paintingsanother way their bringing in Greek artMassive efforts to bring what the Greeks had accomplished into Rome and demonstrate the Romans being a part of this cultureMiddle republic is the period when the Romans fit their origins and identities into the mythology of Greece
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