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Plutarch, Life of Antonius

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Erik Gunderson

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Plutarch Life of Antonius Plutarch writes so that we may learn form the past. The Augustan Revolution. Overview of hi life: Born Octavian in 63 BCE Named Julius Caesars heir in 44BCE and defeats Antony in 31 BCE. No rivals in power. Title Augustus in 27 BCE and imperium for 10 years. Receives core powers in 23 BCE Dies in 14 Rise: Takes up arms against Antonius , essentially pushes for power through until success. Secures broad military arms. Antonius. Born 83BCE 57-54 Serves in Palestine in Egypt. Recognized. Serves with Caesar in Gaul and is recognized more Quaestor, Tribune in 49. Expulsion is a justification for civil war. 48: Commands one of the wings at the decisive battle of parsalus. 45: Master of the horse and second in command to Carsar the dicatator. Consul with Caesar in 44. 44. Controls the dead Caesars papers. What is found in them has the force of law. Runs the show by forging documents. 43: Second Triumvirate: Antony Lepidus and Octavian. Pool their power and proscribe enemies. 42: Defeat of Brutus and Cassius. Given eastern half of the Roman Empire. 42 Meets Cleopatra. 41 In Egypt w. Cleopatra. 40: Marries octavia 39: Returns to the east 37 Remewal of Triumvirate 36: Parthian Expedition. 35: Refuses of meet Ocravia. and in 34 bestwees territories upon Cleopatra. 33: Tensions between Octavian and Antony 32: Divorce of Octavia Declares war on Cleopatra Cleopatra Born in 69BCE To Ptolemy twelfth 51 = Ruler of Egypt w. younger brother 49 Supports Pompey 48: Expelled by Egyptians and then reinsated by Caesar
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