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Mostly Jan 27 - Life of Sulla [some slide/society notes from earlier lecture]

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Erik Gunderson

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Checks and Balances Citizenship and Assemblies 12 new men now held the consulship (new families, not the old ones) Cant be consul repeatedly Cant control army on your own Will spark that kings are returning, so people will fight against it Would try to claim that forefathers did it to make it appropriate Military, economic, political accomplishments are seen as equal Higher social freedom equals more rights Magistrates work in consensus, small staff, anti-beaurocratic People have right to vote on proposals (yes or no) Citizenship Categories o Full Roman citizenship o Latin rights (gives Roman property rights) o Freedmen originally have Latin rights later have Roman rights always still have obligations to their former master (who is now freedmans patron) o Slaves o Foreigners (members of tributary, free, or allied cities)
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