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Feb. 3 - Caesar's Civil War [antisigma slide notes incl.]

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Erik Gunderson

Julius Caesar The Early Years 102100 BCE: born into a noble but not very rich or influential family his family hadnt been powerful for a while c. 85 BCE: proscribed by Sulla; hides; eventually pardoned slipped through the civil war 79BCE: military service; an embassy to Nicomedes, king of Bithynia Caesar said to have had an affair with King Nicomedes 78BCE: death of Sulla and return of Caesar to Rome The Political Rise making a number of connections 72BCE: military tribune 67BCE: guaestor; gets a seat in the house marries a granddaughter of Sulla supports Pompeys command against the pirates 65BCE: aedile and lavish games doesnt necessary have a lot of money, but a lot of political capital (loans etc.) 63BCE: elected chief priest (pontifex maximus) 62BCE: praetor The Leading Citizen 60BCE: joins with Pompey and Crassus to form The First Triumvirate they pool their vast resources and influence for mutual support extra-constitutional 59BCE: elected consul his daughter given to Pompey in marriage further cements the Triumvirate 58BCE: the beginning of 9 years of generalship in Gaul results in a lot of money and power (especially many power) Caesar Abroad 58BCE: the Triumvirate renewed 54BCE: expedition to Britain death of daughter Julia (who was married to Pompey) death of Crassus killed fighting the Parthians 52BCE: civil unrest in Rome; Pompey is sole consul 51BCE: Gaul is subdued Caesar plans his return Caesar Wants to Return Problems wants to run for consul he has to lay down his command to run for office if he lays down his command, his enemies promise to prosecute him (sue him for a number of things) Caesar proposes that he be allowed to run for office thought not in Rome, this is not allowed (only in certain exceptional cases), and he cannot secure an exception in his case 49BCE: Caesar enters Italy without laying down his command: Civil War breaks out (where the text begins)
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