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feb 3

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Erik Gunderson

Cla 233 1. Question has an answer more than one answer give one of them Ex. First emperor of Rome Romulus 2. Between 25 and 50 questions 3. Questions from readings and lecture 4. Up to date the issues that matter 5. Lucreatia, getting rape Julius Caesar 1. 102 100 BCE born into a noble but not very rich or influential family 2. 85 BCE compared to Sulla , proscribed by Sulla hides eventually pardoned 3. 79 BCE military service an embassy to Nicomedes king of Bithynia 4. 78 BCE death of Sulla and return of Caesar to Rome 5. 72 BCE military tribune 6. 67 BCE queastor gets a seat in the senate a. Marries granddaughter of sulla b. Supports Pompeys command against pirates 7. 60 BCE joins with Pompey and Crassus to from the first triumvirate a. They pool their vast resources and influence for mutual support b. 59 BCE elected consul c. Has daughter gets married to Pompey 8. 58 BCE the beginning of 9 years of generalship of Gaul 9. 56 BCE, the triumvirate renewed 10. 54 BCE expedition to Britian a. Death of daughter Julia who was married to Pompey b. De
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