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jan 20

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Erik Gunderson

1 Citizenship categories 1. Full roman citizenship 2. Latin rights gives roman property rights 3. Freemen a. Originally have latin rights b. Later have roman rights c. Always still have obligations to their former master who is now freemans patron 4. Slaves 5. Foreigners members of tributary, free, or allied cities a. Becomes good patron client after freed b. Only the master can do stuff to slaves not other peoples slaves its their property plus its limited of what stuff they can do c. They can rape but not beat 6. Start acquiring more power than peers, they face a charge aspiring to tyranny or monarchy 7. Value system custom of our fore fathers 8. Changing classical period, impersonal or structural, economic changes led to real changes of society, war and expansion increased revenue a. Used to be a patron from a town, now you can be patron of big economic region b. More supply of grain 9. Republican citizenship Theoretical Basis a. Equality of rights b. Inequality of participation c. Geometrical representation
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