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Cicero for Caelius

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Erik Gunderson

March 3 2011 Cicero for Caelius Cicero: The Political Life 100-43 bce o 100 bce born in arpinum hes from notable provincial family in Rome o 80 first speech: on behalf of Quinciticius Usually young mens first speeches are prosecutions but this is a defence speech and not a lot of people want to defend this guy interesting entree to political life o 79 studies oratory in Greece Leaves Rome, and comes back even better from his studies o 75 quaestor in sicily Holding office at very young age Sicilians ask him to take up case against Verres o 70 prosecution of Verres for corruption in sicily Verres fled after opening prosecution o 69 aedile o 66 paetor o Consulship and aftermath 63 becomes consul conspiracy of Catiline Story of class tension in Rome Catiline stands at the head of economic crisis put down by Cicero The conspirators are then executed o Legal tensions because you are not supposed to execute before going to trial 61 Cicero gives evidence against Clodius during the Bona Dea trial
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