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CLA233: Week 1: Lecture 2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Who was a Roman Citizen? Originally: Farmers, shepherds, and craftsmen on the banks of the Tiber People who immigrated to the city. Members of colonies established in Italy and abroad Members of foreign communities to whom citizenship was granted. Soldiers who had served for 25 years. After 212 AD: basically everyone in the empire. -citizenship more so a legal title than something held by birth or bloodline What does Rome mean? Early: a central Italian city with a special from of government: a senatorial oligarchy Later: the seat of a military monarchy and a vast and expanding empire. Also: A military power with military interests A colonial power An economic power The ages of Roman history Early: from the settlement to the foundation of the republic (Second millenium BCE to 500 BCE) The Republican period: 500 BCE - 30 BC The age of emperors: 30 BCE - 476CE The early period subdivided The iron age (900-700 BCE) The orientalizing (i.e. eastern) period (700-580 BCE) The Archaic period (580-480 BCE) The Republican period Early (500-287BCE): in 287 BCE legislation passed by the commoners becomes binding on the elites as well. Two cities in one before then. -patricians not necessarily bound by same laws as plebians, two sets of laws Classical (287-133BCE): relatively stable and expansive. -lots of war and expansion -considered golden age of Rome, lots of heroes -morally uncomplicated era to them, not necessarily the case that it was actually morally uncomplicated, just perceived to be Revolutionary (133-30BCE): a series of social and political crises. -relatively bloody, blood in the public space
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