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University of Toronto St. George
Erik Gunderson

CLA233- Lecture 12- March 1 Essay Topics -state why do you agree or disagree -rhetoric: something Romans are taught to do -you seeit in the philosophers -all about genus and species, specific things and classes of specific things -Cato the virtuous versus virtue -roman values tend to be discussed by means of these specific casesthat Romans and Roman-ness are talked about in terms of individual narratives, exemplary citizens -Romans liked to have names attached -problem with thinking in categories is that people and events come to represent categories and might get in the way of facts or history -once you know that Cato is the virtuous, you collect all the stories about his virtue -in tension with historical understanding -Livy has certain topics that hes interested in -this categorical thinking is reinforced by Roman social practices -Cato is the source of what little understanding we have of the songs of their ancestors -they would sing at aristocratic parties the stories of the virtuous old ancestors -young heir tells all the stories of what his ancestors did and how he will reproduce all these traits when he goesforward -Livys history helps reproduce these stories -the idea that his stories a re a collection of exemplary figures rather than a collection of narratives -Inius (father of black poetry) -Roman state obliges because of its men and character -when an orator talks about virtue and vice, he says the virtue of a Cato -Roman narrations are filled with these names alongside these lists of extractions -women and their virtues (Phalillia?) -all is memorable on one hand but Maximuss title is a 1000 memorable tales of Rome -courage, endurance, people with famous parents etc. -Maximus attaches names to the extractions so he can remember the name to the story -Book One -preface is addressed to the Emperor Tiberius, second member of the Julio-
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