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University of Toronto St. George
Erik Gunderson

CLA233- Lecture 14- Mar 8 -Plutarch, The Life of Demetrius -perversion in taxes -last section of the life of Amelius Paulus, the treasury was flushed and the Romans no longer had to pay taxes -they dont have to pay taxes because they have an empire -Plutarchs lives are the parallel lives -he will write the life of a Greek and a Roman and compare them -the opening of the life s very long and complex -the life of Demetrius is compared to the life of Antony -compares the senses versus reason -you compare and pick the good and avoid the bad (how medicine works) -the Helots (lower class; other race of Spartans) -he seesthe parallel lives as a question of the virtuous man -the force of the original proposition is that you learn this from these lives that you can use in your own life -biography cultivates your own virtue -you read the life of Caesar so that you can be a great man for example The Augustan Revolution -born Octaian in 63 BCE -named Julius Caesas heir in 44 BCE -defeats Antonius at Actium in 31 BCE; he now has no rivals for power -receives the title Augustus in 27 BCE and imperium for 10 years -receives his core powers in 23 BCE -Dies in 14 CE -Antony is positioned between Caesar and Augustus The Partisans of Caesar Antonius -born 83 BCE 57-54: serves Palestine and Egypt 54-50: serves with Caesar in Gaul (and is sometimes in Rome) 51: quaestor 49: tribune (whose expulsion is one of the justifications for civil war) 48: commands one of the wings at the decisive battle of Pharsalus 47: master of the horse and second in command to Caesar the dictator 44: consul with Caesar 44: controls the dead Caesars papers; what is found in them has the force of law
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