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Lecture 6

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Ben Akrigg

Lecture 6: Archaeological material  Archaeology = a spatial discipline o This is obvious in the stress laid on find-spot and context, which can be subdivided into:  matrix: the material surrounding the find (usually a soil of some kind): this will affect what has survived, and how well.  provenience: the find’s location (specified both horizontally and vertically) within the matrix. Note in passing that ‘provenience’ as used by archaeologists is more specific – to location within an archaeological context – than ‘provenance’ (as used e.g. in museums or auction houses), which implies the full history of an object’s manufacture, deposition, discovery and ownership.  association: usually a given find will be discovered with other finds in the same matrix: what they are can be of great importance in o virtually all archaeology is someone’s local history; o the spatial nature of archaeology is key in distinguishing it from art history (a line which is particularly
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