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CLA260 Method and Theory

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Ben Akrigg

CLA260 MethodTheory in Classics2What is ClassicsThis class is used to equip us with the tools to research Classics and write research papers on such subjects Becoming a Classicist Classicsthe study of ancient Greek and Roman civilizationChronology looking at the past a historical disciplineThere is a geographical scope a particular part of the worldSpecific disciplines eg literature history philosophy archeology mythologyMajor Chronological Periods 1 Greece3000BC to 323 onwardsBronze age c3000bce1200bce Iron Age or dark ages 1200bce800bce Archaic period 800480bce Classical period 480323bce Hellenistic period 323 onwards Major Chronological Periods th2 Rome900bce7 century adIron age 900750bce Regnal Period 750rd500bce Roman Republic 50031bce The Principate 31bcelate 3 ththcentury ad Late Antiquity 47 adthRoman Empire lasted until the middle of the 15 century ADBut there was a nasty thshock in the 7 century where this class endsPersian EmpireDo you consider yourself to be aHellenist or a Romanist or Latinist or neitherbothRomanists say they are interested in the constitutional aspects and the republicI consider myself to be a Hellenist because I am interested in the ancient societies of the Greek civilizationsWhen we are studying the Greek and Roman world we are actually studying the interpretations of the people who have studied it since antiquity Roman culture took a lot from the Greek culture and this made Greek culture even more important than it would have been if they had notWhy is Alexanders conquest so importantGreek culture was spread throughout a large part of the worldThe Greek language was spread far and became the most important language of the world at that timeGreek becomes an international language of importance of rulers trade and diplomacyEgypt Syria and others Greek becomes the language of the ruling classthThe Romans are exposed to Greek culture from at least 6 century BCThey were also influenced by their northern neighbors the Etruscans who were very important in tradeGreek becomes increasingly important with the long establish Greek cities in southern ItalyWhen the Romans start conquering lands outside of Italy Persia Europe they spread their own culture as well as Greek culture to places where it had never been before throughout the entire Mediterranean world
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