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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Raw Documents

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University of Toronto St. George
Christian Campbell

CLA260H1S Raw Documents July 9/12 • How do texts survive? • Don’t have any autographs (texts written in authors hand) • In order to survive it needs to be copied several times • What survives are the preferences and interests of previous generations • Often texts we have are 1000 years or so apart from their original work • Earliest literary pieces we have were composed and transmitted orally • By the 5th century we know Homer and company were being written down • Probably for educational purposes • Early evidence that works were transmitted and sold • Almost not books or fragments survive from the Classical Period • Alerts form of a book was a roll • Papyrus was not the most durable material (it damages from use) • Authors who quote probably did so from memory rather than unroll texts (which is why they don’t always match up) Papyrus • Made from cutting strips of reed and laying two layers at right angles and weaving • Glue together pieces to form a roll Could not write a lot on a roll - roughly 70 pages worth • • Through that the book divisions were put in place to accommodate papyri limitations • 2nd century to 4th centuryAD we get development of codex, and with it, papyrus rolls disappear • Codex don’t replaced papyri really until the 4th centuryAD Atticising movement - a “harkening back to the glory days” where there was a crying out forAt- • tic greek • Because of this, studying and writing inAttic Greek picked up • Another result is thatAttic Greek books were copied, including Classical Greek texts • Sufficient copies of Classical works survived because of this • Roman education system based on these works • Pagan works posed a problem for Christian education • So christian writers
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