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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Historiography

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Christian Campbell

CLA260H1S Histiography July 23/12 Friendship in Cicero’s Letters • Consoling letters • Show understanding and also shame addressee for their lack of self-control • Letter to Titus: • Lack of personal information Declaration of understanding • • Shames for not being wise, manly and overreaction threatening his reputation and manhood • Cicero set himself up as example or proper behavior • Servius letter to Cicero: More adverbial • • Declaration of author’s sympathy • “we are all human” • Self-fashioning Sets himself up as exemplar • • Cicero responds by saying his pain is exemplar • Cicero’s letter to Brutus • Because of Brutus’position at head of army he cannot show grief • Competition is the root of Roman spirit; not only in friendship Historiography • The study of history and how its written; the history of history • How authors chose to write what they did Felix Jacoby gathered fragments of Greek historians, isolated subgenres • • 1. Genealogy/mythography • Writing of mythical events • Greeks believed there were deeds of ancestors • Or ‘deeds of great men’such as in Homer • Hesiod Theogony, Works and Days, Catalogue of Women (coupling of mortal women with gods to produce heroes) • Homer gives some genealogy but Hesiod gives genealogy of gods and races of men • Homer taken as historiography because it has a military perspective, has narrative, higher vocabulary, concern with preserving events • Earliest historians looked to Homer as a model for narrative • 2. Ethnography • Jacoby saw as developing around time of Greek colonization • 6th century ‘Ionian Revolution’ • Hectares of Miletus - rational approach to genealogies of Greek past. Circuit of the earth - accounts of the lands of the Mediterranean • Start to get critical writing • Hectares considered the predecessor of Herodotus 3. Contemporary history • • 4. Chronology • 5. Horography CLA260H1S Histiography July 23/12 • Local histories, beginning in 6th century BC
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