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CLA 308 - Lecture 1

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Dimitri Nakassis

CLA 308Lecture 1 Jan17 Early Greek ReligionLate Helladic III A14001300 BCLate Helladic III B13001200 BCLate Helladic III C12001070 BCSubmycenean10701020 BCProtogeometric1020900 BCGeometric900700 BCLate Helladic 3 A and B are the palatial periodsLH3C and Submycn are postpalatial end of Bronze ageProtogeo and Geo are early Iron AgeOne of the main sources for early Greek religion during the Mycenean period is Linear BoEncodes Mycenean GreekoA script with 3 types of signs syllabograms 89 used to write names words verbs etc logograms 100 used to indicate commodities nouns eg horses textiles etc and numerals decimal systemoEgI owe you 5 is a logogram 5 the numeral Tells us about religion because often records amount of supplies that go to religious sanctuaries as offeringsLinear B script also has signs for gods their names or epithetsPrior to Linear B Dionysus thought of as a recent addition to the pantheon but really he existed earlier onSame god names a connection between Mycenean and Classical religionThe most common godso4 sites Potniao3 sites Hermes Zeus DiwiaDioneo2 sites Hera Poseidon DionysusMost recognizable in Classical perspective are the common godsOverlap with alter Greek religion continuityFeasting textsoRecords which god feast held in honorof and the amount of offerings and who contributed itoSign of a festivalReligious personnel is also accounted for in Linear B tablets eg priestesses
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