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University of Toronto St. George
Dimitri Nakassis

CLA362 Chronology (tends to run in 3s) Stone Age: Plaeolithic- Mesolithic- Neolithic [300 000- 3000] Bronze Age: Early- Middle- Late bronze age [3000-1200] Iron Age: Early iron age…aka dark ages [1200] 776-480 Archaic 400-323 Classical 323-30 Hellenistic Stone Age - Earliest human activity in Greece ex. 250 000 years BP of a Stone Axe (no evidence of activity prior to the stone axe - Early Prehistory= “FRANCTHI CAVE” o Food sources  Palaeolithic: deer, snail, small fish  Mesolithic: deer, snail, small/large fish, nuts [meaning that they practiced sailors ex. going to Melos acquiring obsidian (volcanic glass). They had rapid changes in global climate of dry/cold wet/warm climate [environmental change]  Neolithic: deer, snail, small/large fish, nuts, domestic animals and grain [meaning that they had their own ‘package’ of domestics… meaning they had tools for agriculture but still hunt and gather. Ex. grinding stone for wheat. And pottery made. Farming without irrigation or draft animals… o Francthi therefore was a place they settled all year round. Absolute Chron. Relative Chron. Early= 3000-2000 EM1= early Minoan [Crete] Middle= 2000-1700 MCII= Middle Cycladic II [island of Cyclades ex. Delos] Late= 1700/1600-1100 LH IIIA2 [late Hellenistic 3(sub period) in Greek mainland Peloponnese] **this is because absolute date can move. So instead of dating confusion- symbols were used. ** - Thera had a volcano eruption in the late Bronze Age? - On Thera, they found LM1A pottery but no LM1B. Eruption happening or beginning of LM1B… ? - Radio Carbon dating had the tree ring analysis in the 17 C BC [scientific dating that is used th more commonly] or 16 C BC [archaeological dating] The Early Bronze Age - At LERNA, “the H
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