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University of Toronto St. George
Dimitri Nakassis

HIS362 – Lecture September 18 - MH III/ LH I as a pivot - Early MH - No site hierarchy - No clear evidence some sites have control over others - Different sizes in sites - No internal social differentiation (material in houses) - Few wealthy graves - No plural social class - Few significant constructions (larges houses, fortifications etc) - Craft specialization low - Subsistence level operations - No ritual sites - Largely independent village settlements - Late Mh – early LH - Some site hierarchy - Mycenae - Internal social differentiation - Material wealth difference - More wealthy graves - Some significant constructions - Craft specialization low - Few ritual sites - Lerna (at Argolid gulf) - MH I “large” house : House 98A - Storage of agricultural gods - Pithoi = storage vessel - Was not replaced after fire destruction - MH III – houses begin to show evidence of imported goods - Apparent differences between households - MH Aspis (Argos) - Fortification wall in MH IIIB - Housing more organized - Hierarchical differences in MH IIIB? - Construction of inner fortification in MH IIIB but not in IIIA - LH I – LH II: larges construction of houses were being built - Shaft graves at Kolona, Aegina (MH II) - Aegina = island; good communication with whole coastline - MH II: wealthy shaft grave of a single male burial - Prestigious items such as gold diadem, fine imported pottery etc - Hunting = elite male activity - Grave contained hunting equipment (arrowheads and boar tusks) - Only confirmed warrior shaft grave dated in MH II or even earlier - Fortification wall unusual for mainland - Large building complex (MH III – LH I) - Administrative activity? - Clay cylinder seals - Imported pottery - Aegina exports pottery in MH period - Andesite - Also import material- what exactly unknown
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