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Gillian Ramsey

CLA364H1F – Hellenistic World (Lecture 2) 9/11/2013 8:11:00 AM Possible Research Paper Topics  Daily life & culture: o Hellenistic colonies: the Alexandrias  Hellenistic colonies: the other new cities  Economy & Travel o Delos as a trade hub: the ‘Independence’ & ‘Athenian’ periods  Under its own rule for about a century in the Hellenistic period and then under control of Athens o Changing Mediterranean trade patterns  Religious communities o *Jews in the Second Temple period  Intellectual pursuits o *Library at Alexandria and its Librarians  Monumental & Visual Arts o *Deveopments in architecture o Indo-Greek/Gandharan style o Egyptianizing in Ptolemaic style  Or come up with my own  Email professor top two topics The Invasion of Asia (Until Egypt)  Think of the practical physicality of moving an army through asia  Recommended Documentary available on Netflix: Michael Wood’s ‘In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great’, 1998 o Gives a sense of landscape/scale of geography  The Macedonian Army (Background) o Relationship btw Macedonian and the king was a weird one – ‘democratic monarchy’ o Man who claimed as king always came from the Argead family – whoever was the strongest and had the best polticial strategy was chosen o Argead king: supreme commander o King was in total command of the army - all strategic decisions were his  Military commanders positions were completely dependent on king o Cavalry:  5th century Thucydides described the Macedonian cavalary as ‘brave & skillful’  Shock-troops, not skirmishers  Training: hunting  Organization: region  Macadonian cavalarymen were trained to go into the heat of a battle and win  Being in the North of Greece they had access to the best horses  Hunting was a great way of practicing maneuvers and strategy  Philip organized his cavalary from upper/lower macedon into one unit 
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