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The Ptolemies- Oct 1 Class Notes.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Gillian Ramsey

The Ptolemies Ptolemy I Before 306 Macedonian Nobleman, friend of Alexander the Great- general during his campaign. Wrote history of Alexander’s campaign Satrap of Egypt: “Guardian of Alexander’s corpse”- not as successful as other satraps Captures Syria and Phoenicia with Cassander and Antigonas (vs. Polyperchon and Eumenes) 311 Seleucus in Babylonia asked Ptolemy for help to install him back as ruler 309 Gains Cyprus, Caria, Lycia, Pamphlia, Aegean 307 Loses Cyprus to Antigonus 306 Wears the diaden, takes part in his Pharonic Ceremony Coins begin to be manufactured in his name, not Alexander Starts calling himself king. Defeated Antigonus in 301 Post Ipsus, 301- Satraps Lysimachus: Asia Minor Seleucus: Asia Cassander: Macedon and Greece Ptolemy: Egypt and occupied the South of Syria Succession 321: Married Eurydice, daughter of Antipater. Had son- Ptolyme Ceraunus Marries Berenice- her daughter, Antigone, marries Phyrrus of Epirus Arsinoe II Ptolemy II- made co-ruler in 285, favourite son Philotera Experiment with new ways to ensure succession Ptolemy II Philadelphos- “man who loves his sister” Co-ruler in 285 Sole Ruler from 283-246 Pharonic coronation Built to empire up to its largest extent Succession 1.) Arsinoe 1- exiled to Nubia Ptolemy III Euergetes col-ruler in 268 2.) Arsinoe II (full sister)- consort, right to reign Marries Lysimachus and has 3 sons, 2 of which are killed Marries Ptolemy Caraunus Territorial Expansion Early: Caria, Lycia, Pamphylia, Cilicia 287-274: Arabia, Nubia, Red Sea 274-271: First Syrian war- little changes 273- Treaty with Rome- first eastern ruler to do so 267- 261: Chremonidean war, Greece 260-253: 2 Syrian war 253: treaty- Berenice Pernophoros “the dowry-bringer” marries Antiochus II Ptolemy III Euergetes Reigned 246-222 246: Marries Brenice II, daughter of Magas of Greece Children: Ptolemy IV Magas Alexander Berenice Arsinoe III Accumulates glory, not consolidation Babylonian Chronicle: Nov 246- Jan 245- See slides for primary source quoting Ptolemy IV Philopator Reigned 222-204 Agathocles and Sosibus- kill most members of family 221-217: 4 Syrian War 217: Battle of Ralphia- internal changes: start using native Egyptian soldiers for they were hard pressed for men After 217 Egyptian and Nubian revolts- Upper Egypt lost Succession 220- marries sister, Arsinoe III 210- Ptolemy V, made co-ruler in 205 204- Arsinoe III assassinated Ptolemy V Epiphanes Reigned 205-180 Chief ministers: Agathocles and Sosibus Telepolemus Aristomenes Polycrates th Antiochus III launches 5 Syrian war- 202-195 in which he gains Syria 194: treaty, marries Cleopatra I, daughter of Antiochus III Children: Cleopatra III, Ptolemy VI, Ptomely VII Assassinated Ptolemy VI Philometer- “one who loves his mother” Reigned 181-145 Cleopatra I, regent until 176 Marries Clepoatra II 170- Cleopatra II and Ptolemy VIII made co-rulers th 170- 6 Syrian War 168- Antiochus IV- sieges Alexandria. Rome sends G. Popilius Laenas and makes him relinquish all Egyptian lands
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