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Lecture 2

Notes on Readings for Week 2

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Regina Höschele

Hesiod - Theogony • Gaia deceived Cronus by dressing a stone as the newborn Zeus • Raises the question of the omnipotent being • Comparisons of Gaia to Odysseus - “resourceful” • Eagle and liver • Eagle as symbol for zeus? • Liver as seat of knowledge? • Prometheus deceives Zeus • But Zeus apparently saw the trick, but chose the portion of fat and bone anyways • Is this sort of a “bandaid”? So Zeus appears wiser than his father? • Made pandora “to replace good” (385) • She is a deception like the piece of meat • Beautiful to look at but not what she seems • Women then, are like the portions of meat? • Hesiod has it wrong when he talks about the drones being women as we know they are men and the workers female Pindar - Tantalus • Hieron delights in music: describes son at his table going from man to man • Suggests that he and guests partook in singing as part of the entertainment • Further evidenced by the instrument: the dorian lyr
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