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Cognitive Science
John Vervaeke

Day 5October 7 2013114 PMSmith reading is a good supplement for the test on Oct 21 2013ReviewPrototype theory is rejected because it cannot be formalizedConcepts are featurelessConcepts merely point to or label the world and name it in some fashionPeople have a lot of information between the relationship of featuresWe should see concepts as attempts to explain the world not labelWe chose the wrong basic concepts in order to formalize the mindThe basic process we should be trying to use is memory it is used by all of our cognitive processesSpatial Metaphor for MemoryMemory is searched in a spatial manner they are stored within a memory spaceWe use a search and retrieval model to recall a specific memory for a cognitive purposeProblemsWe rapidly know an dont know somethingOnly after we know we cant find it we know we dont know itMemory doesnt seem to involve stable objects memory is more reconstructive not reproductive in nature experiment 1932 picture and 2 sets of words people were remembering the integrative affair with the wordReconstructive memory is able to make you smart it allows you to manipulate it and enhance itThe price you pay is that you lose accuracy of the memoryThe loss of accuracy increases the adaptivityMemory is doing things in a more sophisticated fashion than we originally thoughtThe reconstructive process adjusts itself in context to the materialMemory works o
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