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november 04 notes

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Computer Science
Michelle Craig

 Imporved lazy lit 1. import random 2. 3. def build_dict(r, context_length): 4. '''Return a dictionary where the keys are tuples of context_length elements 5. where the elements are words in reader r and the value 6. for a key is the list of words that were found in r following the key.''' 7. d = {} 8. words = 9. 10. context = ('',) * context_length 11. for word in words: 12. # this doesn't work because we replace d[context] instead of adding 13. # to the list of words, and we don't have a list as the value 14. #d[context] = word 15. if context in d: 16. d[context].append(word) 17. else: 18. d[context] = [word] 19. context = context[1:] + (word,) 20. 21. return d 22. 23. def pick_next_word(words, context): 24. '''Return a tuple of the next word and the updated context. 25. The next word for our story based on dictionary words and the 26. current context.''' 27. 28. if context in words: 29. follow_on_words = words[context] 30. # pick a random word from the list that goes with context 31. # it is fine with us to shuffle the list order inside the words dict 32. random.shuffle(follow_on_words) 33. new_word = follow_on_words[0] 34. # make that word the new context 35. context = conte
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