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Computer Science
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Michelle Craig

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 Bubble sort o Compare two adjacent items, arrange them in order relative to each other  Then move on to compare the next two adjacent items  Next irritation, last item ignored 1. def bubble_sort(L): 2. '''Sort the items in L in non-descending order.''' 3. 4. # Do one major pass/iteration through the the unsorted part of the list 5. # (the part from the beginning to i spots from the end). Sink the largest 6. # value in that part of the list to the end of that part of the list. 7. 8. for i in range(len(L)): 9. for j in range(len(L) - i - 1): 10. if L[j] > L[j + 1]: 11. L[j], L[j + 1] = L[j + 1], L[j] 12. return L  merge sort  splits list into two sorted lists; compare the top two items, the smaller/lager is placed in the final list o then compare the top two items again, the smaller/larger item is placed in the final list o to split list into two sorted lists, use merge sort o recursion  call same function within a function 1. def merge(left, right): 2. '''Return the list made by merging sorted lists left and right.''' 3. result = [] 4. i ,j = 0, 0 5. while i < len(left) and j < len(right): 6. if left[i] <= right[j]: 7. result.append(left[i]) 8. i = i + 1 9. else: 10. result.append(right[j]) 11. j = j + 1 12. 13. # One of the sublists has elements left over; the other is empty. Copying 14. # both does no harm, since the empty one will add nothing. 15. result += left[i:] 16.
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