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University of Toronto St. George
Computer Science
Michelle Craig

 Pass function as permeter to another function 1. import time 2. import random 3. from bubble_sort import bubble_sort 4. from insertion_sort import insertion_sort 5. from merge_sort import merge_sort 6. 7. def runtime(f, arg): 8. '''f is a function of one argument. arg is a suitable argument for f. 9. Return the amount of time it takes to execute f on argument arg.''' 10. 11. before = time.time() 12. f(arg) #output ignored 13. after = time.time() 14. return after – before 15. 16. def mystery(L): 17. '''L is a list. Return ???''' 18. 19. answer = [] 20. for item1 in L: 21. for item2 in L: 22. answer.append([item1, item2]) 23. return answer 24. 25. if _ _name_ _ == ‘_ _main_ _’ 26. # mystery program runtime 27. # double list length, runtime increases more than doubled 28. # ex. bubble sort worst case 2^2 number of comparisons 29. # insertion_sort   compare sorts runtime; merge sort fastest  Complexity  how complicated the code is compared to the # of operations (not how complicated to understand)  Recap o The run-time of code is usually greater when operating on a larger input o There can be massive differences in run-time between different algorithms, even for the same problem o Knowing the shape of the run-time growth curve is very valuable  “can I wait long enough to get the answer for this input?”  “is it even worth writing this code?” o efficiency not really # of lines  not gaining speed, compiler already done the job  runtime growth cruve  ways to determine run-time o run the code and measure run-time  run it for different input sizes to determine the growth curve o estimate run-time “on paper”
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